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Wu Jichuan: "A "Radio law" Shall be implemented."

Updated:2019/11/9 20:18

Wu Jichuan, the former director of the Ministry of Information Industry, suggests as follows: After the implementation of the Property Law, frequency spectrum resources have become the state's assets. Therefore, although the Radio Management Regulations have been implemented, in order to optimize the use of radio frequency resources in China, the Radio Association of China should prompt the government to implement a "Radio Law", so as to act in accordance with the law.

Wu Jichuan also suggests: Since frequency resources were distributed, some have become idle resources because of business changes. Because there was no relevant law to limit their service life, they have become departments' own resources. “Unused resources should be nationalized and cannot be used as departments' private properties.”

In the communications industry, the idleness of the 700M "Golden Frequency Band" once caused disputes. Currently, as the Bureau of Radio and Television has obtained 5G licenses, the relevant disputes have weakened.

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