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Cloud Host Accounted for over 85% of Global IaaS Market in 2015

Updated:2016/9/6 11:22

CATR (China Academy of Telecommunication Research) released Cloud Computing White Paper in 2016 on September 1. The White Paper shows that SaaS accounted the largest part of the global market in 2015, even larger than IaaS and PaaS combined.


Worth $16.2 billion, the global IaaS market maintained steady growth at 32% (33% in 2014) in 2015 with cloud host accounting for over 85% of the market share as the main product, which is estimated to establish a lasting, slightly declining growth in coming years.


Database service and business intelligence platform service grew rapidly despite the general slowdown in growth of the global PaaS market which rose 17% to $4.4 billion in 2015. Application infrastructure and middleware service accounted for 54% of the market, and database service reached $170 million with a 30% increase which is expected to continue in the next few years, far in excess of application development (11.9%) and application infrastructure & middleware (16.5%).


SaaS accounted for the largest of the global public cloud market. The SaaS market was worth $31.7 billion in 2015, far beyond the total of IaaS & PaaS market, of which CRM, ERP, web conference & social software had 65%. In addition, SaaS products showed a trend of diversified development.

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