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Alibaba targets at shipments of 100 million YunOS handsets in 2016

Updated:2016/5/13 11:26

Alibaba held the YunOS Partners Conference 2016 in Shenzhen on May 9th. More than 300 people of the industry attended the Conference including chip makers, solution providers, handset vendors and operators. YunOS announced a target of 100 million YunOS handset shipments in 2016 and it would help China's small enterprises to build famous brands.

It was reported that YunOS users increased more than 700% in 2015. In 1Q16, YunOS users increased 17 million and YunOS handset shipments caught 16.08% of the market.

YunOS has made breakthroughs in the carrier market in China. YunOS handset is a popular product which first supports VoLTE of China Mobile while YunOS handsets in storage have increases by 500%. In 2015, A 13.7-fold growth happened to the wealth YunOS shared with small and medium enterprises and YunOS raised the game distribution capability by 850%.

Ma Xinkang, commercial director of YunOS, revealed the business strategy for YunOS: first, YunOS will help the operators to develop new modes and technologies; second, YunOS will construct its industry alliance, promote the chip and key component manufacturers to support YunOS partners; third, YunOS aims at strengthening the cooperation with key handset vendors such as Meizu and Doov and ten-million-level solution providers including Bird, optimizing the product structure and fully supporting 4G LTE and the commercial policy favorable for the configuration of "2 GB RAM + 16 GB ROM". In terms of product capability, YunOS will achieve comprehensive upgrading of chip, operator, system, service and operating capacity; in the aspect of operating capacity, YunOS will construct the big data supporting system, build an open operating platform and help its partners obtain revenue of Top devices.

Wang Hengjiang, general manager of products department and quality assurance department of China Mobile Terminal Company said that YunOS is becoming a new force in developing 4G for China Mobile. YunOS handsets with network access license have accounted for one-fourth of the market share in China while they boasted 65% in the China Mobile VoLTE handsets project.

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