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Tencent announces cloud services overseas expansion plan

Updated:2016/4/1 16:47

On March 29th, Tencent upgraded its cloud strategy - it officially launched the new LOGO of Tencent's Qcloud brand with new value concepts, released upgraded products, "Cloud + CDN" and "Black Stone - Hybrid Cloud Plus" and announced Tencent's Qcloud overseas expansion plan.

In the next, Tencent will uphold the 3S brand concepts of speed, stability, and security and lay out the future.

"Cloud + CDN": four upgrades

Big data, cold data and hot data bring huge challenges to traditional CDN. In the past year, Tencent's "Cloud + CDN" team took four steps to raise the speed of "Cloud + CDN".

First, border nodes were upgraded comprehensively, which makes Tencent's "Cloud + CDN" reach the leading computing and storage capacity level in the industry. Second, Tencent built CDN "highways" through leased Qcloud network, of which the network speed is 80% higher than that of traditional CDN. Third, Tencent built regional centers and realized "being nearby" of the source with a 50% increase of average back-to-the-source speed. Forth, Tencent achieved the maximum of resource utilization.

The speed of Tencent's "Cloud + CDN" is 30% higher than that of the industry. In the future, CDN will deeply integrate with all products of Tencent's "Cloud + CDN" - "CDN + Video Cloud", "CDN + COS" and "CDN + Safety".

Black Stone - Hybrid Cloud Plus

To solve the problems in adoption of hybrid cloud at present, Tencent's Qcloud launched brand new hybrid cloud product - Black Stone, which makes it convenient to use the physical machine just like the cloud host. Then batches of exclusive physical hosts with high availability can be produced under the private network. Meanwhile, users can connect the private cloud with Tencent's Qcloud through Tencent's local access points, realize the requirements of data synchronization and distribution and upgrade the hybrid cloud by accelerating the interoperability.

Cloud services overseas expansion plan

Tencent's Qcloud has self-constructed the nodes in dominant regions such as North America, Hong Kong and Singapore. Besides, Tencent's Qcloud aims to co-construct nodes with its global partners in more overseas regions. Tencent will integrate superior resources, provide most economical and safest services for Chinese enterprises and help them dominate overseas markets.

Take the game industry for example, to realize global synchronized release of the domestic games, Tencent's Qcloud constructs data centers with global coverage, achieves integration of global data center networks, allows customers to access nearby, and provides stable services and effectively reduces IT costs through intranet leased back-to-the-source with high quality. For the O2O industry, Tencent will be customised to local users' needs and provide stable and fast services. The interconnection of data centers of Tencent's Qcloud covering the globe and the dynamic and static acceleration capability of more overseas regions meet the requirements of local coverage quality and synchronization of headquarters data centers of O2O industry.


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