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China Mobile is about to deploy SDN in public/private clouds

Updated:2015/12/23 13:28

In the China Future Network Development and Innovation Forum 2015 that was recently held in Nanjing, Huang Lu, technical manager of carrying network of China Mobile Research Institute, said in his speech that SDN can be used in all levels of networks, according to China Mobile's plan, SDN will be first introduced in its data centers, followed by the backbone network and transmission network in the last.

He believes that the introduction of SDN is mainly for three purposes: the first is efficient operations, the second is flexible services and the last is low operation cost.

In July of this year, China Mobile announced the next generation network "NovoNet" during the MWCS, hoping to integrate NFV, SDN and other technologies to build a Next Generation network with characteristics including global scheduling resources, full-scale open capacities, flexible capacities and flexible adjustment architecture. He revealed in his speech, China Mobile has conducted tender for public clouds in April, May and October and the operator preliminary validated that SDN has the potential for commercial deployment. At the beginning of next year, China Mobile will deploy SDN in its public and private clouds.

Huang Lu pointed out that SDN has entered an outbreak stage in construction, and the large-scale commercialization has appeared in the the data center scene, but there are still certain problems need to be solved in interoperability, supports of some software for the virtualization platform and others. China Mobile hopes to introduce SDN to the application scene and gradually realize coordination of networks in each level and field, including carrying network, core network and so on.

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