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Alibaba releases Quantum Cryptography Communication product: China's Internet enters the quantum era

Updated:2015/10/20 09:55

Aliyun and Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly released the Quantum Cryptography Communication product at the 2015 Computing Conference. The Quantum Cryptography Communication is the most secure form of communication encryption, which indicates China’s Internet has entered into the quantum era. It is the first cloud service provider that provides quantum secure transmission product service. The release of the result will be a milestone for the global quantum research and the development of cloud computing.

Dr. Jian Wang£¬Chief Technology Officer of Alibaba Group, said that Quantum Cryptography Communication is far more than a brand-new encryption, and it will be the key technology of solutions for the new generation of network information security, keeping the Internet more secure in the next 50 years. At the present stage, the combination of the cloud service and quantum encryption technology is the only way of generally applying the expensive technology to the business situations, which makes the whole society enjoy the benefits brought by the quantum revolution.

Quantum communication is the most secure communication way at present

Currently,the industry generally believes that next information revolution promoted by the quantum physics will bring us to an incredible world. The scientists make the dream of changing the world with the quantum information technology gradually come true. With the rapid development of human’s computing power, the deciphered risk of the classic cryptographic communication is increasing by the day.

Once the genuine universal quantum computer comes into being, it will run trillion times faster than the most advanced supercomputer at the moment. The quantum communication technology is the only secure communication way that has been proved security strictly, and it can ensure the security of the data despite of the appearance of the quantum computer. The quantum cryptography transmission unconditionally ensure the security of the data through the quantum key and all of the information intercepting, cryptanalysis and hacker technologies during the transmission will be helpless.

Alibaba takes its business to the domain of Quantum Security

Aliyun and Chinese Academy of Sciences have established several Quantum Portals in the network environment of Aliyun and unconditional secure data transmission service can be provided to the clients by implementing the networking of data centers in local through Quantum Portals.

It is revealed that Aliyun has completed the small-scale test on its quantum communication product by using its business and achieved the features of approaching, maintaining secrecy, networking and key distributing. Adaptable business will be officially taken to the domain of quantum secure and this will be verificated in a large scale this year, and Aliyun will get preparation for launching service at the same time.

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