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Price Drop of All China Mobile Cloud Products: Biggest Drop over 70%

Updated:2018/6/6 15:42

Recently, China Mobile declares that all China Mobile Cloud products reduce the price, drop up to 70%. Among these products, the universal cloud host dropped by 30%, the object storage decreased by 70%, and the virtual router VPC free of charge.

Currently, China Mobile Cloud has been applied to energy, Internet, finance, education, government affairs and other markets. For example, China Mobile Cloud provides hybrid cloud for Towngas and SDIC, and E-government cloud service for Shanghai, Sichuan Province and Qinghai Province.

In fact, as the cloud computing technology becomes mature and the competition is increasingly intense, price drop has been normal in the cloud computing industry. Particularly, Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud continuously lead the price drop movement, so the whole industry has to follow this movement. Recently, at the “Tencent Cloud” Summit Tencent Cloud declares a new round of price drop for core products, which include CVM, CDN, database and COS, and the highest decreasing range is 50%.

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