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Aliyun and China Unicom Launched the First Public Cloud Platform

Updated:2017/11/9 18:04

On November 8, the first project of Aliyun and China Unicom in public cloud cooperation: China Unicom Zhejiang "Wo Cloud Powered by Alibaba Cloud" platform ( was officially launched. The platform will provide "Aliyun + China Unicom" services for the customers as the Wo Cloud brand and promote enterprises in Zhejiang province to get cloud services by combining the advantages of Aliyun's technologies and China Unicom Zhejiang's services.

Before the launch of the new Wo Cloud platform, Aliyun and its partner have provided multiple technical trainings and marketing promotion support in various cities of Zhejiang province, which attracted many enterprises' attention. In Ningbo city alone, more than 20 enterprises, including startups, manufacturing and pharmaceutical enterprises, expressed their intention and hoped to obtain the cloud-network-integrated enterprise cloud services. At present, China Unicom Zhejiang has arranged full-time account managers in various cities to provide cloud consulting services, it plans to develop more than 100 enterprise customers in two months, at the same time, in order to provide better cloud services for the enterprises customers, China Unicom Zhejiang will provide cloud-network service subsidies for Zhejiang enterprises at the end of the year, including enterprise broadband and Wo Cloud services.

On June 20, China Unicom Zhejiang and Aliyun held the "enterprises in cloud services, win with Wo Cloud" conference in Hangzhou, which plans to help one hundred thousand enterprises to get cloud services, the two parties announced that they would comprehensively open technical services and ecological system to provide leading cloud services for the enterprises. The cooperation was carried out rapidly and came into reality in only five months. In the future, they will cooperate with various industry partners and aggregate content and applications, provide services for new demands of the government and enterprises development, actively participate in the "Cloud Zhejiang" and "Powerful Data Province" construction and improve enterprises' development capacity and competitiveness in the new normal, making new contribution to the in-depth integration development of cloud computing and Internet industry in Zhejiang.

The launch of the new Wo Cloud platform also means Alibaba Group and China Unicom's strategic cooperation enters into a substantial stage, after the successful pilot trail in Zhejiang province, this cooperation model will be adopted in the whole country, Aliyun and China Unicom provincial branches will jointly launch a batch of new Wo Cloud platforms.


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