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China Unicom & Tencent deepen the collaboration in Cloud Computing and Network Services

Updated:2017/10/24 16:40

China Unicom and Tencent recently announced their partnership in communication, cloud computing and network security, relying on their various resources and strength, with the aim of promoting integration & innovation and creating a new "Cloud, Pipe, Device"ecological platform. This is China Unicom’s first major cooperation with the share-holding Internet company after its mixed ownership reform program approved by the regulatory agency, it is also the first step in promoting in-depth strategic cooperation with Tencent.

The cooperation in cloud computing is mainly focused on three aspects: the first is conducting comprehensive business cooperation in the field of public cloud; China Unicom and Tencent will build a cloud data center, providing products, services and solutions in the industry chain of cloud computing, while Tencent will provide technical supports about public cloud for China Unicom’s WoCloud. The second is carrying out cooperation in “private cloud” and “hybrid cloud” business, based on Tencent’s excellent online service and China Unicom’s highly flexible DCI high-speed core network (SDN/NFV);the traditional telecom business will be customized by demand and elastic in supply, and combines with China Unicom’s country-wide offline service sites, the two parties will establish an open-minded and global chain of cloud computing industry and provide one-stop solutions for business customers. The third is business cooperation in network security service, China Unicom and Tencent signed cooperation agreements in the operation and enhanced ablities of network security, they will co-found a network security platform and be committed to creating more secure and reliable network ecosystem and providing powerful technical supports of cybersecurity for the sound development of Internet industry. In addition, the two parties will promote integration in industry development, technical capacity and market operation creating cleaner and more valuable Internet network, and finally promote maturity and healthy development of Internet security industry.

Representives of China Unicom and Tencent said they will broaden cooperation fields and improve cooperation level based on their advantages, and provide "Cloud, Pipe, Device" accurate services and benefit China “Internet +” development wordlwide. At the same time, the two parties will actively promote innovation collaboration in various fields, stimulate the synergistic effect of strategic cooperation in telecom operators and Internet enterprises, and jointly promote substantial progress in China Unicom mixed ownership reform.

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