Cloud Computing

Coud-Network Confluence Competitive for China Telecom

Updated:2017/8/28 13:50

Telecom operators had never done a satisfactory job in the cloud computing market, Zhang Liangcheng, vice president of China Telecom Beijing Research Institute said.

The confluence of cloud and network can be a good strategy for the carriers.

There are two main competing modes: operators open the network capabilities to Aliyun or Tencent for the confluence of cloud and network; operators build a program, which is more advantageous for operators but put forward new requirements on network capacity. That is to say, the network needs to be very intelligent, and on-demand with full coverage.

The on-demand network can help operators with the confluence of cloud and network.

China Telecom previously said in 2017, it will achieve on-demand-network capabilities, wide deployments of SDN in the cloud resources pool, metropolitan area network, intelligent dispatch of data traffic flowing in the metropolitan area network and backbone network and launch pre-commecial on-damand network facing SMEs.

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