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China Mobile: Big Data, Cloud, AI

Updated:2017/7/14 16:24

The 16th China Internet Conference was held recently. Deng Chao, assistant director of China Mobile Big Data said China Mobile put forward the big data strategy last year, which China Mobile will rely on next-generation network, helping it with artificial intelligence, to realize.

China Mobile started a cloud computing research and development plan early in 2007, released big cloud products in 2010 and set up an R & D center in Suzhou in 2014 focusing on cloud computing large data product. Big Cloud 4.0 has been released so far.

China Mobile has established four data centers, and the new-generation cloud will construct cloud services with the 5+X two-level structure.

The ecological system is based around big data.

In the aspect of AI, China Mobile built the first GPU parallel computing cluster and deployed ten mainstream open source frameworks in 2014, and even applied AI in its online customer service, launching the "Yiwa" online robot.

Recognizing more than 90 percent of the content, Yiwa has saved labour cost of over CNY110 million since the end of 2016.

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