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Adds of China's 4G Handsets Supporting VoLTE Catch 90.6% in Q2

Updated:2017/7/13 17:15

Statistics from CAICT(China Academy of Information and Communications Technology) shows that 90.6 percent of the 223 models of 4G mobile phones which came out in the 2Q17, equaling 202 models, support VoLTE, climbing 8.4 percent when compared with the same quarter of last year and increasing 2.3 percent compared with Q1. It is known to all that VoLTE has been gradually becoming the basic configuration for 4G mobile phone.

VoLTE, Voice over LTE, is an IP data transmission technology which doesn't have a need for 2G or 3G networks, carrying all the services on the 4G network and able to achieve unified data and voice services in the same network.

In other words, 4G network provides not only high-speed data services but also high-quality audio and video calls which rely on VoLTE.

With a wider and wider coverage of 4G network coverage, VoLTE develops better and mobile phones supporting it are gradually growing.

Among China's three major operators, China Mobile develops VoLTE most rapidly. The company's president Li Huidi once said that China Mobile has launched HD voice services in 313 cities domestically and set about constructing NB-IoT in 346 cities in China. In addition, China Mobile has over 80 million active users, aiming to make the total exceed 150 million this year.

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