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China Telecom Launches NB-IoT Service Package

Updated:2017/7/7 16:23

Internet of Things has become the major player at MWC Shanghai 2017.

Almost all the mainstream vendors took all things interconnected as the future strategic focus. China's three major operators have even released extremely radical plans on NB-IoT network construction and launch and offered huge subsidies.

China Telecom has been leading the LTE IoT industry. The carrier made an announcement on May 17 that it would build commercial NB-IoT with full coverage, and it launched the Internet of Things open platform jointly with Ericsson and other global partners on June 27, improving the scale commercial process again.

It is known that China telecom has introduced NB-IoT package on June 20 this year. The package cost will be charged by the number of connections.

The NB-IoT package fees include connection service fees and high frequency function fees.

Connection Fees = Total NB-IoT connections * Unit Price of Each NB-IoT Connection

This allowance is for enterprises, not for individual users, according to some familiar with the matter from the company.

MIIT recently requested China driving the development of NB-IoT standard, device, chip, module, test, application and network, planning a total of 400,000 NB-IoT base stations covering main cities by the end of 2017. Nationwide coverage of NB-IoT network is expected to be achieved by 2020.

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