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Competition for 700MHz spectrum resources become more intense in China

Updated:2014/12/2 10:25

According to informed industry insiders, National Radio and Television Network Company (referred to as China Radio and Television) has won a CNY 400 billion loan credit recently, which means it may start the integration of cable TV network related business again in the nationwide.

As we have learnt, China Radio and Television is currently applying for qualification and relevant licenses for telecom network and Internet business. At the same time, it is also applying for the qualification of national cable television broadcasting platform and new media integration and broadcasting platform business.

In addition, China Radio and Television has also prepared to set up 3 subsidiaries, which are China Cable Network Company, China Wireless Company and China Satellite Company, respectively, this also means that it has started to enter the business of integration of tri-networks.

The well-known expert in radio and television industry, founder of, Wu Chunyong, said in an interview with the editor of C114, that the CNY 400 billion capital is not funding but credit granting, the cost is not low, so China Radio and Television has to consider seriously in its investment.

In Wu Chunyong's view, the large-scale bank credit, as well as the introduction of integrated broadcasting platform qualification and new business, they all bring more rights and policies for China Radio and Television, so it only need to look for investors.

In his view, if the ground spectrum (700MHz) is given to China Radio and Television, the value is more than large. Since the 700MHz is of low frequency, which has good spread and coverage ability, is called as the Digital Dividend in the telecom industry. The two sides of broadcasting and telecom industries are also vigorously competing for the final attribution of the 700M frequency band.

The National Radio and Television Network Company is formally established on April 17th in this year, which is a limited liability company with CNY 4.5 billion registered capital, it will participate in the competition of tri-network integration as the main market player of China's cable TV network field, and this is conducive for the long-term development of the industry.

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