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Updated:2015/5/20 15:57

The investment company Angelsim Sarl is a partner to the transaction. It has decided to invest €1 million in the business set up by Manuel Zanella, which is already worth over €4 million after a few months from its launch.

ChatSim has won over users and investors and is growing exponentially: over 100 thousand SIM cards sold in a few months and distribution agreements signed in 30 countries. The target is to sell 1 million SIM cards by 2016 also through the agreement with Angelsim Sarl.


Milan (Italy), May 19, 2015 - ChatSim's growth is unstoppable. Thanks to the huge success achieved in just a few months after its launch on January 21st, Zeromobile's innovative start-up is now an independent company: ChatSim S.r.l. (

Created as the world's first SIM card that lets you chat free of charge and without limits, even without Wi-Fi, using instant messaging apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, QQ, Viber, LINE and many other smartphone and tablet apps), ChatSim is forging ahead as it grows exponentially: over 100 thousand SIM cards sold and distribution agreements signed in 30 countries. These figures have caught everyone's attention…

Zeromobile - Italy's number one low-cost global mobile operator ( - has decided to create its start-up, which is the brainchild of Manuel Zanella (38 years old), the company's founder and CEO.

The transaction also sees the participation of Angelsim Sarl, a Luxembourg investment company that groups together several international investors with many years of experience in investment to support start-ups and fledgling companies.

This has led to the agreement between Zeromobile and Angelsim Sarl allowing ChatSim to go from being a Zeromobile start-up to an independent company.

This venture capital company based in Luxembourg has been mesmerized by the figures and potential for growth of ChatSim. So it has decided to invest €1 million in the business set up by Manuel Zanella, which is already worth over €4 million after a few months from its launch.

This is a sign of trust confirmed by the words of Pierre Brais, representative of Angelsim Sarl: "We are very pleased to work with Manuel and the ChatSim team. He is an innovator, a visionary entrepreneur who wants to revolutionize the way we communicate. Travelers are tired of worrying about roaming rates each time they reach a new country. Moreover, we always want to keep in touch chatting with our friends and family without draining our bank account! ChatSim makes all this possible in an easy and affordable way for everyone," concludes Brais, an investor with over 25 years of experience in start-ups.

Manuel Zanella is very satisfied with the deal reached with Angelsim Sarl: As the entrepreneur explains, "This major transaction will boost ChatSim's growth and development through major investments in marketing and communication. We will also make investments in R&D to create always new and better solutions for our customers. This is a completely new market with an enormous potential. As Zanella points out, "It is a market we invented just four months ago. That's another reason why I found a partner who has decided to bet on ChatSim just a few months after the launch of my business. One of the targets of the deal? Selling 1 million SIM cards by 2016," reveals Manuel Zanella.

As regards the instant messaging market, the figures speak for themselves (Source: Digital, Social & Mobile World in 2015):

· 4 out of the 6 main social networks are currently instant messaging apps.

· WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and Viber have over 100 million new active users every month.

· WhatsApp has reached 800 million active users, 30 billion messages exchanged a month and 4% growth each month.

Another enthusiast of ChatSim's exponential growth is the company's Business Development Director, Juan De la Coba, who has risen through the ranks of the company in just a few years.

Speaking of Juan De la Coba, Manuel Zanella says: "I hired Juan in 2011 to manage Spanish-speaking customers. Today he is ChatSim's Business Development Director and I wanted to reward him with a share in the company because of the key role he plays in the business," explains the CEO of Zeromobile and now of ChatSim as well.

"I'm very proud of this unique opportunity," says Juan de La Coba, the protagonist of this beautiful professional story. "My share in ChatSim's capital is a dream come true. My father is a businessman and I have always dreamed of doing something great. I am sure that ChatSim will soon reach one million customers. Every day I speak to our partners from all over the world and I can see their great enthusiasm."

Besides chatting for free and without limits with all instant messaging apps, even without Wi-Fi, ChatSim is also the first "Instant Messaging SIM" in the world to introduce voice calls with all instant messaging apps as a single voice communication system. Even without Wi-Fi.

Thanks to ChatSim, you can chat for free and exchange unlimited text messages and emoji for a year with just €10.

ChatSim can be purchased online at and is delivered all over the world with free shipping!

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