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Tencent Launched Wechat Phone Book Which Enables to Make Free Network Call

Updated:2014/11/13 10:32

Recently, Wechat Phone Book version 1.0.0 has logged on Apple Store and Android application store. This mobile APP is an intelligent telecommunication enhance software, developed by Tencent, and the biggest advantage is enable the user to make free internet phone calls, possessing automate backup phone contacts, add Wechat profile photo, group message, delete contacts in batch the new functions.

The calling function of Wechat Phone Book is free but it will charge traffic data when using 2G/3G/4G network, free of charge with WiFi. Phone calls through Wechat Phone Book, tariff produced by sending messages and internet traffic data will be charged by telecom operators.

According to tests, when using Wechat Phone Book to make free internet calls, both sides need to download this APP and activate free voice call function. The test result shows Wechat Phone Book has clear calling effect, satisfying people’s needs.

Compared with voice communication function of IM application, Wechat Phone Book talking quality is much higher and it can dial out phone contacts directly, with more application situations.
Now, there are many free internet telephone APP in the national application market, but they will be charged by traffic data under 2G/3G/4G environment, the using experience will be terrible if with unstable internet environment; moreover, partial APP will limit the time of free talking, so this kind of APP is not that popular.

Wechat Phone Book has optimized the talking quality and reduced users’ traffic consumption, taking certain advantage comparing to the same kind of products. Because charging telephone fare by traffic data is not familiar by people now, the free internet phone function is more attractive under WiFi.

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