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Users of Alibaba YunOS broke through 10 million in three years

Updated:2014/10/22 10:15

Alibaba held a news conference in Beijing on October 20th and officially released the latest version of the mobile operating system YunOS 3.0. Alibaba said at the press conference, YunOS developed rapidly in the past 3 years, cooperation partners have exceeded 30 and the total number of users has broken through 10 million.

As the latest YunOS operating system, the 3.0 version adopts the latest card-type desktop, and emphasizes the characteristics of security and low power consumption etc. Cloud Card, the card-type desktop is the most significant evolution ever since the YunOS Cloud APP model was first launched in 2011.

Alibaba said, YunOS won’t be confined to mobile phone operating systems, it will also be applied to the tablets, smartwatches and Internet cars. At present, Alibaba has achieved cooperation with SAIC Motor on Internet cars.

YunOS is an smart operating system which was officially launched by the Alibaba YunOS Division in July 2011. At present, this operating system has been used in broad intelligent hardware products such as mobile phones, televisions, automobiles and wearable devices. By the end of October 2014, cooperate vendors of YunOS have exceeded 30 with more than 10 million users.

In the news conference, Philips issued the first smartphone based on YunOS 3.0, and Meizu also release a smartphone running YunOS 3.0 yesterday. As we have learnt, Alibaba is also organizing human resources to make YunOS suitable for more hot selling smartphones.

In addition to cooperate with device vendors, YunOS is making breakthroughs in the government fields. According to the reports, YunOS has become a provider of police mobile operating systems, it has passed the 5-star security certification of MIIT and become one of the members on the government procurement list. With strengthened emphasize on the importance of information security, government and other fields may adopt YunOS in large quantities.

However, industry analysts point out that YunOS is still in the development stage, and apparently it needs continuous investment and construction of the ecosystem for many years to become an influential operating system.

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