Board Member of EUCCC: Stable China-EU Ties Conducive to Semiconductor Market

Updated:2020/8/27 10:06

At the recent World Semiconductor Conference 2020, Bernhard Weber, Board Member of European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC)  and Chair of EUCCC Nanjing,  stated EUCCC’s conviction that sustained stable cooperation between the EU and China in technological research and development would be favorable for developing the world’s semiconductor market, and that such a cooperation would not only be in the best interest of the international community, but also introduce healthy competition and promote innovation.

At present, both the EU and China are capable of steering digital transformation. Such a cooperation would eventually benefit all the enterprises and consumers, said Weber. In order to fully tap the potential of the global ICT industry and achieve digital transformation of the economy and society, it is important for China and the EU to join hands in creating a favorable environment, especially in the field of technology.

China’s semiconductor industry is growing and pioneering new technologies at an astounding pace, which is the envy of many other markets, said Weber.

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