Zeng Xuezhong Directing Xiaomi Smartphone Department

Updated:2020/7/30 22:37

Lately Xiaomi Corporation announced its new senior executive appointment, nominating Zeng Xuezhong as Xiaomi's Vice President and Smartphone Director to handle smartphone product research & development and production work and report to Xiaomi's Chairman and CEO Lei Jun.

With a reputation in communication, Zeng Xuezhong used to act as the Executive Vice President of ZTE Corporation, CEO of ZTE Smartphones, Global Executive Vice President of Tsinghua Unigroup, and CEO of Unisoc; before joining Xiaomi, Zeng Xuezhong acted as the Chairman and General Manager of Shenzhen Hatchip Communication Technology Co., Ltd. What is noteworthy is that Xiaomi Corporation is one of the 29 shareholders of Hatchip Communication.

It is said that after Zeng Xuezhong acts as Xiaomi's Vice President and Smartphone Director, he will be relieved from the position of the General Manager of Hatchip Communication but remain the Chairman and Legal Representative of Hatchip Communication. In a sense, this appointment is a recognition of Zeng Xuezhong's outstanding competence and rich industrial experience and of Hatchip Communication's excellent performance made within over a year since its founding. Hatchip Communication will have broad prospects in the future.

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