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China's Domestic Cellphone Price Rises

Updated:2017/2/10 16:43

The increase of price of China's domestic handsets comes recently for the first time, which have taken low price & high cost as a big attraction competing with the high-end foreign phones such as iPhone.

The price rise comes due to the increasing cost which results from the shortage of components in the electronics industry and the increases in labor cost, offline channel costs, online marketing cost and the volatile renminbi exchange rate.

More to the point, the global smartphone market has been turning to inventory, bringing new rules, which can be told by a recent report released by IDC. To survive, Chinese handset manufacturers should return the 1,000-yuan smartphone marketplace in China to rational competition.

In addition, the key to handset sales growth and profits is high-end and midrange phones rather than the low-end ones.

China's mobile phone industry is stepping into a new stage.

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