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China Telecom Launches Centralized Procurement for Trunk Fiber Optic Cables for 2024-2025

Updated:2024/6/12 17:10

According to news from the official website of China Telecom, the company's procurement project for trunk fiber optic cable lines and supporting equipment for the 2024-2025 period has been approved. The project is now ready for tender and is undergoing centralized prequalification.

The announcement indicates that the project involves the procurement of optical cables, fiber optic splice closures, and silicon core pipes required for various primary trunk fiber optic cable line projects of China Telecom for the 2024-2025 period.

This year has been recognized as the inaugural year for the commercial use of 400G backbone networks. In a previous interview with C114, Huo Xiaoli, Director of the Transmission Network Research Center at China Telecom Research Institute, stated that China Telecom plans to commence construction of the 400G QPSK ROADM network this year.

Simultaneously, during the planning phase of the 400G backbone network, China Telecom has considered the scalability of three-dimensional networking. Subsequent adjustments to rates and modulation formats can be made through software, achieving flexible tuning between 400G and 800G rates.

800G/400G multi-rate hybrid transmission, known as the next generation of high-speed transmission technology,  possesses technically advanced advantages. This technology can better meet the future network's needs and accelerate the provision of high-speed services.

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