M2M Revenue in 2020 Is Estimated to Reach US$16 Billion

Updated:2016/9/27 16:13

At ICT China High Level Forum 2016, Zhang Weixiong, Greater China Technology, Media & Telecommunications Managing Partner of Ernst & Young, said M2M has brought revenue of 6 billion US dollars in 2015, and M2M revenue in 2020 is believed to be three times that amount, hitting 16 billion US dollars.

According to Zhang Weixiong, China has prepared for the construction of M2M infrastructure. The next 4 years are critical for the development of China's IoT market, during which China will focus on making the basic connections evolve into a lucrative application.

China's operators will play a new role in M2M business. On one hand, they will cooperate with the manufacturers and on the other hand, they should master big data analysis capabilities, so as to provide opportunities of new business in IoT.

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