Xiaomi's Next-Generation Smartphone Smart Factory Enters Full Production

Updated:2024/7/9 18:28

Xiaomi recently announced on its official Weibo account that its next-generation smartphone smart factory has officially entered full production. This factory is an industry-leading, fully digitalized smart factory.

By deeply researching and developing "manufacturing equipment," Xiaomi has achieved 100% automation of key processes. The establishment of an industry-leading "full-chain industrial big data" infrastructure has enabled 100% digitalization of industrial production. The factory's brain, the "Xiaomi Surge Intelligent Manufacturing Platform," which is 100% self-developed, infuses the factory with a soul, endowing it with self-awareness, self-decision-making, and self-execution capabilities. It can autonomously diagnose equipment issues, improve process flows, and realize full-scenario intelligent management from raw material procurement to delivery, making it a truly intelligent factory capable of self-evolution, illuminating a new beacon in the smart manufacturing industry.

Xiaomi Chairman Lei Jun further stated that the factory is located in Changping, Beijing, with an investment of 2.4 billion yuan and a construction area of 81,000 square meters. Its annual production capacity is 10 million flagship smartphones and it has been certified as a "national-level smart manufacturing benchmark enterprise." The Xiaomi MIX Fold 4/Flip folding screen phones, to be released this month, will be produced in this factory.

Xiaomi's smartphones are primarily manufactured by Foxconn, Inventec, and Wingtech. This factory is Xiaomi's first large-scale smartphone production facility. Additionally, Xiaomi has inaugurated an automobile factory this year with an investment of over 5 billion yuan.

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