Over 80,000 5G Base Stations Built in Hubei

Updated:2022/11/23 19:19

Recently, the 2022 China 5G+ Industrial Internet Conference was held in Wuhan, Hubei Province, where a pile of achievements in 5G and industrial Internet construction were announced.

So far, more than 80,000 5G base stations have been built in Hubei Province, and now 5G networks have been accessible to all rural towns and above. As for the industrial application of 5G, quite a few applications were selected as excellent typical cases by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, including the 5G private network for Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Company, the 5G internal network transformation of Sanning Chemical, the lighthouse factory of Midea Refrigerator in Jingzhou, and so forth.

Also, Hubei Provincial Communications Administration released the identity resolution situation of the national top node (Wuhan) by industrial Internet. By the time of November 17 this year, 31 secondary nodes (13 of which are in Hubei Province) have been connected to top-level nodes in Wuhan, with a total of 8.752 billion registered identifiers, 8.059 billion identity resolution, and 6,720 enterprise nodes connected. Thus, the goal of establishing “systematic identity resolution with large flow and application” has been preliminarily realized in the four central provinces: Hubei, Henan, Hunan and Jiangxi.

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