Honors CEO: The Brand Recorded over 200 Million Smart Connected Devices in 2020

Updated:2021/1/23 13:37

On January 22nd, Honor held a press conference for V40, where its CEO, Zhao Ming, stated that Honor recorded 20 million mobile phone users in 2014, and over 200 million smart connected devices in 2020.

At the press conference, Zhao Ming stated that 50% of Honor’s employees are R&D engineers. Honor has established over 3000 service centers across 82 countries, and will strive to maintain its service quality in the future. 

At the start of the press conference, Zhao Ming also addressed that Honor had gone through a rough but meaningful days over the past 5 months. Honor’s new positioning is to build a global IT icon that serves all user population, covers all applicable scenarios, and works with a wide range of channels. Honor will still cling onto the 1+8+N product strategy, but as claimed by Zhao, Honor will focus on the medium and high end sector in the future to build a top-tier flagship.

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