ZTE Terminal President Ni Fei: Listed among Top Brands Again in 5 Years

Updated:2020/9/2 17:48

On September 1, ZTE released the world's first smartphone with an under-display camera, the Axon 20 5G. Creatively hiding the front camera under the screen, the smartphone achieves the full screen display effect in real means which the notch design, waterdrop design, hole-punch design, lifting camera design and fold design fail to attain. In a sense, the smartphone is the most perfect full screen phone on the current market.

Ni Fei who was appointed ZTE Terminal President earlier this year has a clear understanding about the current mobile phone market competition facing ZTE. Interviewed by C114 and other media, Mr. Ni said, ZTE used to be associated with the image of "a veteran cadre" in the past, indicating reluctance to show off. To break the mold of the image, ZTE sets goals of entering public vision in 2-3 years and reentering the list of first-line brands on market in 5 years.

To achieve the goals, ZTE is planned to work on products, channels and brands at the same time. As efforts in the preceding three aspects accumulate to a more appropriate point, ZTE may encounter their own opportunities, such as the mistakes of competitors and the emergence of relatively large market opportunities.

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