China's Mobile Phone Shipments Growth Down to 2%

Updated:2017/3/22 14:38

Mobile phone market is destined to face tough things in the year 2017. On one side, online and offline channel dividends gradually disappear; on the other side, handset shipments have nearly stagnated after the mobile phone market turned to inventory. It won't be easy, even for Huawei, a Chinese handset giant, while many small or medium-sized brands are in danger of being eliminated.

Data from Sino Market Research shows that 1.47 billion mobile phones have been shipped worldwide during 2016, up 3 percent from 2015. The global shipments will reach 1.52 billion and 1.55 billion respectively by 2017 and 2018 with a almost stagnant growthˇŁ

China has entered the slow-growth period for mobile phone shipments since 2014. China smartphone shipments hit 450 million in 2014, which grew 10 million in 2015, up 3 percent from 2014, and resurgence came in 2016 as the shipments growth increased 18%. However, there was an accidental element to the high growth in 2016, and China can't prosper in a world that mobile phone shipments are held down.

In the next two years, the growth of handset shipped in China will slow down, expected to be about 550 million and 570 million units in 2017 and 2018, rising 2 percent and 3 percent growth respectively, according to Sino Market Research.

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