Accelink Demonstrates 1.6T Transceiver Based on Cisco Silicon Photonics

Updated:2024/3/26 16:16

(San Diego, CA USA), March 26, 2024 - Accelink has announced their successful collaboration with Cisco on a 1.6T OSFP-XD silicon photonics-based transceiver. Leveraging the strengths of both industry leaders, this marks a significant leap forward in silicon photonic based optical module technology, enabling higher speeds in data centers for cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.

Cisco, with its extensive experience in silicon photonics Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs), has joined forces with Accelink, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of high-speed optical modules. This partnership leverages Cisco's proven ability to scale coherent silicon photonics for data center volumes with Accelink's unparalleled capabilities in optical module innovation. Together, they have spearheaded the development of this 1.6T OSFP-XD silicon photonic-based transceiver, demonstrating an unmatched level of innovation and commitment.

Figure1. 1.6T OSFP-XD silicon photonic-based transceiver

“In collaboration with Cisco, Accelink is delighted to contribute to pushing data transmission boundaries through our joint expertise in Cisco’s silicon photonics” said   Dr. Ethan Hu, CEO of Accelink. “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Cisco for their invaluable partnership, which has enabled us to achieve a pinnacle of achievement in high-speed interconnectivity, paving the way for seamless adoption of emerging applications such as AI and ML in diverse networking environments.”

The 1.6T OSFP-XD DR8 silicon photonics transceiver represents a major technological milestone, featuring advanced CMOS technology for highly integrated, simplified packaging and mass production. Meeting the rigorous OSFP-XD MSA and CMIS protocol standards, the module boasts an electrical interface with 16 channels at a 100Gb/s signal rate each, alongside an optical interface with 8 channels at a 200Gb/s signal rate each, achieving a transmission distance of 500m with exceptional margin and efficiency. This silicon photonics-based transceiver provides high-speed interconnectivity in areas such as data centers and cloud computing due to its ultra-high transmission rate and reliability.

Figure2. Transmitter Eye Diagram of the 1.6T OSFP-XD Transceiver

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the team at Accelink to bring advanced optical solutions to market,” said Tom Williams, Senior Director of Marketing for Cisco. “We believe our high-performing silicon photonics that can be manufactured in high volume will play an important role in building next generation networks for AI infrastructures.”

Accelink will demonstrate this innovative product at the OFC (Optical Communication Conference) in in San Diego, March 24-28 at Booth# 2247. This collaboration not only demonstrates Cisco’s global leadership and influence in silicon photonics PIC technology but also confirms Accelink’s leading position in the optical transceiver market. Both companies see opportunities for further collaboration to solve the needs of network operators for reliable high-speed optical technology.

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