Qualcomm Ventures Increases Investments in Three AI Vertical Innovators to Foster AI Ecosystem

Updated:2022/4/8 14:39

Qualcomm Ventures recently announced follow-up investments in DeepVision, a high-precision industrial vision inspection service provider; Sinoits, a cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) and computer vision solution provider; and GT Technology, a high-end manufacturing quality management and control solution provider.

DeepVision: high-precision industrial vision inspection service provider

DeepVision is a high-tech enterprise with multiple frontier technologies including machine vision, computer image processing and AI. It is one of the first companies in the industry to apply medical operation-level image processing technology to industrial vision inspection. While DeepVision specializes in the bearing production industry, the company has implemented its solutions in diverse sectors ranging from traditional auto parts, aerospace parts, new energy and textile to 3C (Computer, Communications, Consumer electronics), serving over 300 customers.

DeepVision won the championship of Qualcomm Ventures-Sequoia China Seed Fund Frontier Tech Start-up Competition in 2018. Qualcomm Ventures made a seed investment in DeepVision in June 2019, participated in the Series Pre-A funding for DeepVision in October 2020, and participated in a Series A funding round for DeepVision in March 2022.

Sinoits: C-V2X and computer vision solution provider

Sinoits offers self-developed leading computer vision and big data mining technologies and products, and focuses on research and development of frontier technologies such as vehicle identification, pedestrian recognition, traffic scenario recognition, traffic video analytics and big data. The company’s vehicle identification and big data products have been adopted in over twenty provinces/municipalities; its traffic incident analysis and vehicle identification systems for freeway entrance/exit cover tens of thousands of kilometers of expressways; its 5G cooperative vehicle-infrastructure systems (CVIS) products have been adopted by over ten intelligent and connected vehicle (ICV) demo parks and many demo stretches of smart expressways.

Sinoits was named one of the “Top 10 5G Ecosystem Start-ups to Watch” in the Qualcomm Ventures-Sequoia China 5G Ecosystem Start-up Competition 2020. Qualcomm Ventures participated in a Series Pre-A funding round for Sinoits in April 2021, led a Series A funding round for Sinoits in June 2021, and led a Series A+ funding round for Sinoits in March 2022.

GT Technology: high-end manufacturing quality management and control solution provider

GT Technology is an industrial AI firm focused on quality management and control in high-end manufacturing. It is committed to helping high-end manufacturing customers improve manufacturing yield, reduce labor costs and ensure production safety in 5M1E dimensions (Man, Machine, Material, Method, Measurement and Environment) with advanced technologies. GT Technology’s products, built on the company’s self-developed underlying AI framework and technology, have been applied to many fields including high-end circuit board, new energy battery and semiconductor industries, providing a complete set of products and solutions from AI inspection and AI monitor to AI-powered decision making.

GT Technology won the championship of Qualcomm Ventures-Sequoia China Intelligent Connectivity Start-up Competition in 2019. Qualcomm Ventures led Series Pre A+ and A+ funding rounds for GT Technology in April 2020 and February 2021, and made a follow-up investment in GT Technology’s Series C funding in March 2022.

Qualcomm Ventures, the investment arm of Qualcomm, has focused on three major directions including “technological innovation”, “vertical application” and “platform expansion” since it entered the AI field in China as early as in 2015, and continuously invested in start-ups with advanced AI technologies, applications across verticals and cross-industry AI platforms. Nowadays, Qualcomm Ventures has invested in over ten leading AI innovators, including companies that apply AI technologies to verticals like DeepVision, Sinoits and GT Technology. Through research and development, investment and cooperation, Qualcomm accelerates the development of AI technology and ecosystem.

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