Huawei is Working on ¡°Huawei Inside¡± Cars with Auto Companies

Updated:2021/4/14 15:02

At the Huawei Global Analysts Summit 2021, Xu Zhijun, Huawei’s rotational chairman of the board, affirmed again that Huawei insists on not building cars, instead, the company is positioning itself as a supplier of incremental components for smart networked vehicles.

Xu Zhijun said, Huawei will choose some partners to work on deep cooperation through the way of “Huawei Inside”, creating some sub-brand cars with auto companies and enabling them to build truly future-oriented cars.    

Huawei has already cooperated with BAIC Group, Chongqing Changan and GAC Group. According to him, the brand “ARCFOX” will be jointly built with BAIC combining the advantages of both Huawei and BAIC, hoping to bring consumers some unique experience. From Q4 of this year, series of similar cars will be put on the market.

“We specially designed a logo of 'Huawei Inside'. If you see this Logo, you’ll know the car is co-designed with Huawei. But not all cars with components provided by Huawei will be marked with ‘Huawei Inside’, only those that are equipped with our autonomous driving technology are eligible to be marked with this logo”, he added.

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