Personnel Change of Huawei Cloud

Updated:2021/4/13 12:31

Recently, Huawei has issued an internal document that make new personnel appointments for Huawei Cloud’s business. Xu Zhijun, the Rotating Chairman of Huawei, will assume the position of Chairman of Huawei Cloud. Yu Chengdong, the CEO of Huawei Consumer BG, will assume the position of CEO of Huawei Cloud. Cloud BU newly creates two positions of deputy director for Peng Zhongyang and Tao Jingwen, who take charge of business and procedures of IT, respectively.

The rotating chairman is the top leader of Huawei during his tenure. This prudent appointment reflects the high importance of Huawei's people attach to the cloud business. As released by the Press Conference of Huawei Annual Report, Huawei Cloud surged to the second in the public cloud market in China with the fastest growth of 168% in the world last year. Huawei Cloud has put more than 220 cloud services and more than 210 solutions online with an accumulated amount of more than 80 authoritative security certifications worldwide. It has also developed more than 19,000 partners, bringing 1.6 million developers together, and launched more than 4,000 apps on the marketplace.

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