CICT Mobile accelerates IPO on the STAR Market

Updated:2021/4/12 11:14

According to official sources from CICT Group, in October 2020, a subsidiary of CICT Group Datang Mobile and Hongxin Communication jointly reorganized to establish CICT Mobile, and initiated the company's independent IPO procedure on the STAR Market.

CICT  Mobile focuses on the "Three Major Segments" of wireless networks, communication services, and industrial applications, and is recognized as one of the important enterprises in the information and communication field. For a long time, it has core competitiveness such as possessing key core technologies and outstanding technological innovation capabilities. Since 2021, the reorganization and listing of CICT Mobile has been significantly accelerated. While the B round of financing was being orderly advanced as planned, on March 29 and April 6, CICT Mobile's overall reorganizing plan and articles of incorporation were approved by the group's party committee.

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