China Unicom Purchases LTE Base Stations on 34.84 Billion RMB

Updated:2019/1/22 17:37

China Unicom has recently released its bidding announcement for the wireless network integration project. The purchase items mainly include 0.416 million base stations of L900 and L1800, as well as the integrative of L1800.

The source of the project lies in self-raised funds with its total amount reaching 34.84 billion dollars. The number of people winning the bidding is 3 to 4.

China Unicom is pushing forward its frequency reduction and withdrawl from 2/3G network, in order to accumulate available frequency spectrum for 4G network. Meanwhile, the L900 network is under rapid construction, as a means of promoting the deep and wide coverage of 4G network and a way of raising the 4G network capacity.

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