Liu Liehong Resigns as Chairman of China Unicom

Updated:2023/7/31 09:43

China Unicom announced on July 30th that Liu Liehong has submitted a written resignation to the company's board of directors, stepping down from the positions of Chairman, Director, Chairman of the Board Development Strategy Committee, and Chairman of the Nomination Committee due to job reassignment. The resignation took effect on July 30, 2023.

Liu Liehong's resignation will not result in the number of board members falling below the legally required minimum, and it will not affect the normal operation of the board of directors. Liu Liehong has confirmed that there are no differences of opinion with the board of directors and there are no other matters related to his resignation that require attention from the company's shareholders. The company will actively proceed with the election of a new Chairman in accordance with the company's articles of association and relevant laws and regulations.

According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security's announcement on July 28th, appointments and removals of national employees are made by the State Council. Among them, Liu Liehong has been appointed as the Director of the National Bureau of Statistics, becoming the first Director of the bureau since its establishment. In March 2023, the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council issued the "Plan for the Reform of Party and State Institutions," which included the establishment of the National Bureau of Statistics. The bureau is responsible for coordinating the construction of the data infrastructure system, coordinating the integration, sharing, and utilization of data resources, and promoting the planning and construction of a digital China, digital economy, and digital society. It is managed by the National Development and Reform Commission.

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