China Telecom Establishes Three Industry Subsidiaries

Updated:2023/7/11 14:28

Recently, China Telecom has made new moves in its industry layout by establishing three new industry subsidiaries: China Telecom Yikang Technology Co., Ltd., China Telecom Yizhi Education Technology Co., Ltd., and China Telecom Yijin Technology Co., Ltd. The registered capital for all three companies is 500 million yuan.

As early as 2020China Telecom initiated reforms in its government-enterprise division, focusing on customer needs and launching reforms in the government-enterprise field. It established a vertically integrated government-enterprise customer information service group at the headquarters, provincial, and city levels, targeting specific industries such as healthcare, digital government, smart cities, industrial internet, finance, small and medium-sized enterprises, cloud-commerce cooperation IDC, education, transportation, and logistics. It broke through internal organizational boundaries, strengthened cross-domain collaborative capabilities, enhanced the research and development innovation of cloud-based and platform-based solutions, and introduced market-oriented performance evaluation and incentive mechanisms.

According to information, the legal representatives of the three newly established industry subsidiaries are the heads of the industry departments under China Telecom's government-enterprise division.

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