China Telecom to centralize procurement of 365 million pieces of UIM cards

Updated:2023/4/14 17:21

According to the official announcement from China Telecom, the centralized procurement project of China Telecom's UIM card products (2023) has been approved, with China Telecom Group Co., Ltd. and China Telecom Co., Ltd. as the purchasers. The project is now in the pre-selection phase and potential applicants are invited to submit pre-selection applications.

The announcement shows that the UIM cards to be procured this time are divided into two categories: the regular cards, which are full-cut half cards and estimated to be 200 million; and the IoT cards, which are divided into two packages. The consumer-grade IoT card (plug-in card, patch card) is estimated to be 120 million, and the industrial-grade IoT card (plug-in card, patch card) is estimated to be 45 million.

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