China Telecom's centralized procurement of optical modules estimated to exceed 800000

Updated:2022/4/29 14:43

The centralized procurement of optical modules (in 2022) has been approved according to the news released by China Telecom. The main product category that this project involves and will be evaluated is universal optical modules (10G and below10GúČabove 10G). The estimated procurement quantity is 814,529.

It was the first time that China Telecom dabbled in the direct procurement of optical modules from manufacturers at a corporation level in 2019, but the entire process endured for 10 months. At that time, industry professionals pointed out that China Telecom would encounter resistance during the procurement. On the one hand, the quality of optical modules purchased by operators cannot be guaranteed, and they might shirk responsibilities in terms of devices or optical modules in the event of network problems. On the other hand, operators cannot purchase products of all grades, and they had no advantage over device suppliers in product control/bargaining. Therefore, device suppliers were deemed the most suitable for procurement.

However, it is believed that this time the procurement will go more swimmingly compared with the last one.

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