850 Customized 5G Networks Commercialized by China Telecom

Updated:2021/11/18 13:41

China Telecom has attained commercialization of 850 customized 5G networks and plans to build and implement 1,000 networks of the like by the end of the year, Shangguan Yafei, General Manager of Government-Enterprise Information Service Group, China Telecom, announced at the "2021 International Digital Technology Exhibition & E-surfing Smart Ecosystem Expo" lately hosted.

The announced progress is a continuation of "Zhiyuan", "Bilin" and "Ruyi", three service modes in the field of the 5G customized network launched by the company at the 2020 E-surfing Smart Ecosystem Expo. It is a zero-to-one breakthrough in 5G network customization. Mr. Shangguan said, China Telecom will further classify users' scenario-based requirements and originate a cube of capabilities for 5G network customization. With a view to business requirements, technical parameters, essential capabilities, standard products, business models and technical schemes, the company will accommodate scenarios with precision, build capabilities from multiple dimensions and secure fast delivery of schemes, in a bid to promote the extensive application of 5G networks and create a closed-loop business ecosystem with leapfrog development.

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