China Telecom Accelerating the Opening of N4 Interface

Updated:2020/6/16 23:48

Recently, China Telecom announced that the Research Institute of China Telecom had completed the open test and verification of N4 interface with mainstream equipment manufacturers in Guangzhou, with tested items including PFCP node and session management, UE IP address allocation, data detection and forwarding, routing protocol support, CN tunnel information management, QoS control, billing, End Marker construction, etc.

The successful implementation of the test also proves the feasibility of opening N4 interface. The non-standardization of the N4 interface has long been the reason for UPS's binding with the same vendor as SMF. However, facing diversified industries and sectors, 5G requires a light-weight and flexible deployment with low cost. In this light, the opening of N4 interface is of great significance to helping 5G boost the development of vertical industries.

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