CMCC Completed 5G Centralized Purchase Phase II: Total Share of Huawei and ZTE Reached 86%

Updated:2020/3/31 23:41

The high-profile second phase of China Mobile's 2020 centralized procurement of 5G wireless network main equipment has been completed recently.

This centralized procurement involves 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. According to C114, the total demand is 232,143 stations. It is announced that the project adopts share bidding where the number of successful bidders is 2 to 4. Preliminary data from C114 have shown that four manufacturers are shortlisted in the centralized purchase. Among them, Huawei won the highest share of all the bidding packages, and ZTE was the second. Ericsson and China Information Communication Technologies also have good performance.

The latest data shows that by the end of this February, the number of 5G base stations of China Mobile has exceeded 80,000.

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