China Telecom and China Unicom Launch 5G Co-build Co-share Evolution and Upgrading towards SA

Updated:2019/12/5 23:50

“China Telecom and China Unicom co-build and co-share 5G radio access network to realize NSA sharing at the initial stage, deploy NSA in a controlled way, and launch the evolution and upgrading towards SA in 2020 Q1 by targeting SA”, Tang Xiongyan, the chief scientist of China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute said.

China Telecom leads the construction of 5G radio access network in 21 provinces and cities in the south where it is the main operator, while China Unicom leads the construction in 10 provinces in the north where it is the main operator. The two parties will co-build 5G radio access network in major big cities, sharing 200M frequency band at 3.5GHz. Co-build and co-share advantages are fully used to realize a high-quality coverage of local network and scenarios.

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