China Tower Has Delivered 1.92 Million Towers in Total

Updated:2018/9/27 13:04

On the morning of September 25 (Beijing time), China Information and Communication Industry Development Summit,2018 was held in Beijing. Gu Xiaomin, Deputy General Manager of China Tower, attended the opening ceremony and addressed the speech.

Gu Xiaomin said, As the end of August 2018, China Tower has delivered 1.92 million communication tower construction projects, constructed 77 coverage projects of public communication network for high-speed railway with a total mileage of 13.7 thousand kilometers, built 96 coverage projects of public communication network for subway with a total mileage of 2,200 kilometers, and deployed 38,000 indoor distribution systems with a total coverage of 1 billion square meters. China Tower has provided 1.115 million station sites for telecom operators, more than two-thirds of the total amount of base sites of 2014.

Up to now, China Tower has utilized power towers, streetlight poles, surveillance poles, billboards, water towers and other public resources to build or converted to 20,000 bases stations. It has deployed 70,000 terminals, reduced 200 million costs and served 16 industries with 4000 enterprises and clients. “The cost reduction is actually the profit of China’s three major telecom operators.”

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