China Unicom Carried Out First Award of Restrictive Stock Incentive Plan

Updated:2018/4/12 11:36

On April 9th, China Unicom received the Certificate of Securities Change Registration issued by Shanghai Branch of China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited (CSDC), marking the first award of China Unicom’s restricted stock incentive plan (hereinafter referred to as "the first award") has been completed.

China Unicom held the second meeting of the sixth session of Board of Directors on March 15th, which considered and adopted the motion on company restricted stock incentive plan, the first award date was set on March 21st with 793.861 million shares, the number of people awarded was 7,752, including middle-level and senior management staff, core managers as well as professionals who have direct influences on the company's business performance and sustainable development.

According to the announcement, board secretary Wang Xia and chief financial officer Jiang Aihua were both awarded 216,000 shares, the other 7,750 managerial staff were awarded 793.429 million shares, with an average of 102,400 shares each.

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