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China's Available Broadband Download Speed Is Nearly 15Mbps

Updated:2017/1/5 15:32

CATR (China Academy of Telecommunication Research) released the results of information network industry recently and China, according to the president of information network sector of CATR, has constructed world's largest optical access network and started testing the Gigabit broadband access.

FTTH has largely expanded the coverage and achieved enormous increase in user base in China. FTTH ports, up 80%, have achieved 450 million by the end of June, a growth of 200 million from 2015. The proportion of FTTH users has doubled to 68.4%, from 34.1%.

China has Gigabit broadband access in some provinces and the available broadband download speed approaches 15Mbps.

China's fixed broadband penetration reached 20% in June 2016, 5 percent higher than May 2015.

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