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Fujian to Achieve 100% 5G Coverage in the Countryside by 2025

Updated:2022/7/7 14:39

Lately, the People's Government of Fujian Province issued the Implementation Plan for Advancing Agricultural and Rural Modernization in Fujian Province during the Period of "The 14th Five-Year Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the Plan).

The Plan underscores the urgency of hastening the upgrading of rural communication infrastructure, integrating the application of various access technologies, including optic fiber, 4G, 5G low frequency, satellite Internet, etc., and reinforcing network coverage in remote areas and scenarios with particular application requirements, with a view to building a digital countryside at a faster pace. With efforts in accelerating 5G network coverage in towns and key administrative villages and deepening the availability of 5G network in populous areas and industrial clusters, 5G coverage in all towns and key administrative villages will be eventually brought to fruition.

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