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Beijing to Add 6,000 5G Base Stations This Year

Updated:2022/6/17 15:27

According to the Beijing Program on Elevating Grade of Digital Consumption lately published, 6,000 5G base stations will be built throughout the city in 2022, involving 100,000 GPON new users, return over CNY 350 billion on consumption of information contents, turnover of CNY 1 trillion in live commerce, and 10 leading live commerce service providers nurtured or introduced.

Underscoring innovation-driven consumption empowered by digital technology, the Program also proposes 25 concrete measures entailed in 8 priorities, including facilitating industrial clustering and upgrading in live commerce, spurring innovation-driven development in cross-border live commerce, establishing a live commerce talent system, enhancing capacity of delivering digital contents and services, deepening empowerment of emerging digital technology, fostering diversity of business activities for digital consumption, strengthening standard setting through regulation of technology & innovation, and creating a sound development environment for digital consumption.

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