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Wuhan's Chip Industry to hit 120b Yuan by 2025

Updated:2022/1/20 15:27

As noted in the Opinions on Promoting the Innovation and Development of Semiconductor Industry lately delivered by the General Office of the Wuhan Municipal People's Government, Wuhan's semiconductor industry will witness a significant elevation of its level and more reasonable industrial structure; and the level of equipment, materials and packaging and testing kits will form a strong support for key areas therein by 2025.

In the corresponding period, the output value of the city's chip industry and semiconductor display industry will rise to over 120 billion Yuan and 100 billion Yuan respectively and third-generation semiconductor industry will begin to take shape; arising out of the city will be 5 chip enterprises with sales revenue of over 10 billion Yuan, 5 semiconductor display enterprises with sales revenue of over 10 billion Yuan, and 5 semiconductor equipment and materials enterprises with sales revenue of over 1 billion Yuan, adding up to over 500 semiconductor enterprises including 3-5 new listed enterprises.

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