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The 14th Five-Year Plan for Information Communication Development delivered

Updated:2021/11/18 14:14

As noted in The 14th Five-Year Plan for Information Communication Development (hereinafter referred to as the Plan) released by the MIIT on November 16, by 2025, the information communication industry will further expand with conspicuous enhancements to the quality of development. Featuring high-speed prevalence, integration, connectivity, intelligence, environment-friendliness, security and reliability, neotype digital infrastructure will be built with way better innovative capabilities. Emerging businesses will boom and empower full elevation of digital transformation and upgrading in economy and society, forming the potent cornerstone of building China's strength in manufacturing, cyberspace and building a digital China.

For network infrastructure, the world's largest 5G standalone network will be built in place by then, enabling full coverage in cities and towns, almost full coverage of administrative villages and availability of all key applied scenarios; the majority of urban and rural areas are within the coverage of the gigabit fiber-optic network.

The backbone network will see remarkable enhancements to its standard in the intelligent allocation of resources. Apart from continuously optimized connectivity architecture and world-class overall performance, compatibility to IPv6 will become a reality at all levels from network, platform, application to terminal inclusive. And an integrated mobile IoT ecosystem will take shape in whole with a synergy of low-, medium- and high-speed networks. Built on a well-organized international communication network layout, China will see its network quality and service capacity significantly enhanced.

For converged infrastructure building, a high-quality industrial Internet network encompassing all regions and lines of business will see the light of day, so as to build some "5G+industrial Internet" paradigms. The industrial Internet will improve its service capabilities by virtue of a complete identification analysis system. A train of influential industrial Internet platforms and public service platforms will be established. And key expressways and urban roads will be incorporated into the C-V2X.

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