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MIIT Launches Real-name Registration of IoV Cards

Updated:2021/9/27 10:47

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) released the Notice on Enhancing Management of Real-name Registration of Internet of Vehicles (IoV) Cards to launch real-name registration of IoV cards. The Notice stipulated 12 measures in terms of clarification of management responsibilities, intensification of real-name registration, protection of personal information, and organization of supervision and inspection, to further regulate the real-name registration of IoV cards.

Next, MIIT will try to reach a balance between development and security by taking the following measures: actively guide and urge road motor vehicle manufacturers and telecommunication businesses to hold security principals accountable, improve the real-name registration management system for IoV cards, upgrade security management technologies and ensure the implementation of related work, so as to promote the safe and orderly development of IoV businesses.

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