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MIITú║Continues to Improve IPv6 Network Capabilities

Updated:2021/8/27 22:37

On August 25th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a national conference centered around the theme of a three-year special IPv6 network traffic improvement campaign. The policies and their upcoming implementation of The Three-year Special Campaign Plan for the Improvement of IPv6 Network Traffic (2021-2023) were interpreted for the players in the information and communication industry at the conference.

Four points were stressed at the conference. First, more efforts should be made to consolidate the foundation and realize a continuous improvement in IPv6 network capabilities. Second, more breakthroughs should be made to expedite the perfection of the IPv6 application ecosystem. Third, the congestion points of network traffic must be relieved and efforts to upgrade the IPv6 supporting capacity of fixed terminals accelerated. Fourth, the IPv6 security assurance capacity shall be enhanced in a concerted way to ensure the security of the IPv6 network.

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